Our vision

To develop best in class adventure trails & games in the region of Arabia along with excitement, enjoyment and inspiraFon by a professional team to leverage the legacy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 


Our mission

To Identify innovative trails to provide world-­‐class adventures.

Arabian Treks currently plans to serve a greater purpose for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , to reach a level of maturity in the adventure industry and compete with the elites, and we plan to achieve this by:



  • Presenting sound investment opportunities to the potential markets for this industry and attain financial and business support
  • Highlighting adventurous locations that are cost beneficial and suitable for outdoor sports, such as mountains, valleys, caves, etc., and utilizing it as parks and nature reserves.
  • Establishing training and development center for outdoor activities that includes Trekking, Mountaineering, Rock-climbing, Caving, Kite-Surfing, Diving, Amateur Astronomy, and others Survival skills Environment awareness programs.
  • Hosting TV programs that present the wildlife and natural outdoors in Saudi Arabia.
  • Preparing the associated promotional adventure guide showing places to go and activities to do.